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Bitcoin has a grave disadvantage – any transaction can be tracked down through blockchain. A Bitcoin mixer’s job is to mix clients’ coins in a way that makes the tracking if not infeasible then horribly difficult and time-consuming. A classical Bitcoin tumbler, however, can be very ineffective in this respect as it basically accepts coins with any history and can end up passing this dangerous money over from one client to another.

As opposed to this type of mixing services, we have an integrated cleansing feature in the “Complete anonymity” mode. This functionality initiates a mixing procedure that results in your receiving verified coins with clean track record from major stock exchanges .
Our service earns from mixing cryptocurrencies (mixer). With each mix, we get a certain percentage of profit. To provide greater anonymity to our customers, we use additional capital through BTC pool and others. Depending on the number of shares in the pool, we pay dividends from each order to our users. In simple words, a pool is a platform where we share our earnings with you at the expense of your capital. Your earnings depend on the number of shares in the pool. You are a direct shareholder of our service.
If you are authorized, please click on your key on the top of the page, and it will be copied. If you aren't authorized, we sorry, but you have to generate a new key. We cannot restore a lost key.
Just use two-factor verification for key or set up password for key.
We need one confirmation by the Bitcoin network. There is, unfortunately, no way we could speed this up. Normally, confirming transactions with a high miner fee does not take longer than 5-20 min. Transfers with a very low miner fee, however, can take days to confirm.

You can simply wait for for your transaction to be confirmed or use a transaction accelerator.
The address for transfer remains valid for 7 days (168 hours). All transfers made after this time will not be accepted. Please make sure you are acting within this timeframe.
Logs of any nature are not maintained. We do not store any information that can be used to identify the users either. All logs are wiped out on a routine basis to add to organizational efficiency and security of the users that rely upon us to maintain their privacy.
Nowhere! You must save a key! Or generate new.
Yes, you can close a loan on the loan's page. But after deactivating the loan, all pool's data will be cleaned.
For example, we added $400 on your balance, and also 20 shares for your pool. If you look price for shares, you will understand that 20 * $75, and it cost $1500. Also, consider it is more profitable to work with your capital then use the loan, about 84%! 84% it's a loan price!
No, there is no freebie on the project, do not look for it. Before repaying an existing loan, the user cannot move from the balance pool to the main one. Accordingly, it cannot close a loan with credit resources. Transfer from the balance of the pool will become available only after the repayment of loan obligations.
Then more funds on the pool balance for orders and active shares, the higher the profit. For example, to earn $2,500 monthly, to start you need to purchase from 50 shares, the price without discounts will be about $3,750, and for orders, you must have on the balance of the pool from $1,250. In the end, you need to invest $5,000. For a monthly income of $5,000, you need capital of $10,000. If you do not have enough capital to start, then we recommend taking our loan, but be prepared to pay 84% more on the cost of credit resources, and get a profit and credit resources only after repayment of the entire loan. The plus is that you pay for the loan in broken and small amounts monthly (from the principal balance), and the profit from each order comes from the total cost of credit resources (to the pool balance).
Just click on “Send to BTC”, and coins will be move on your principal balance of BTC. You would lose only the profit of the last order if that in progress yet, without the amount of order.
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